Evolve your aviation training with immersive learning

VATA, Virtual Aviation Training Application, offers cost-effective and efficient aviation training in a safe, controlled virtual environment that’s tailored to your educational needs

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What is VATA?

Aviation is growing, and demand for talent is increasing faster than traditional training can handle. VATA (Virtual Aviation Training Application) is an immersive programme designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industry.

VATA gives users access to effective, hands-on experience, in a demanding environment that requires a high-level of technical training. And all while being engaging and immersive for both students and instructors.

wireframe of an airplane - side view

Immersive aviation training has more impact


faster to train


faster to train


more cost effective


increased focus

VR is proven to be effective in enhancing knowledge retention by up to 400%. Learners are also 275% more confident to apply skills learned after training, and more emotionally connected and focused than classroom or e-learners.

Custom-made content

VATA can be populated with modules designed to meet your training needs. Whether you’re looking for technical training or guidance on installing specific elements, VATA can flex to your lesson requirements.


Starting the IDG

Users can go through the procedures required to turn on the engines of the aircraft in this step-by-step lesson. As they learn about the aircraft initialisation procedure in a real cockpit, users can safely practise complex processes.

Aircraft are complex environments with high potential for costly errors. VATA gives users the experience of sitting in an immersive, realistic cockpit. Trainees can take part in sessions guided by an instructor, or be self-led.

Inflatable Seatbelt Installation

Users can see exactly how to safely install this seatbelt. Warnings about safety procedures keep people from dangerous situations, while a completely accurate environment shows everything as it will appear in the real environment.

VATA even lets the user see inside the seat, showing a cross-section they wouldn’t see in reality, to further enhance learning. Haptic, audio and visual feedback add to the realism.

Remote multi-user live sessions

Aviation training featuring full networking and voice capabilities

person using a VR gearperson using a VR gearperson using a VR gearperson using a VR gearperson using a VR gearan illustration of the globe

Complete instructor control

Instructors have full control of lessons and visibility of participants with a feature-filled panel

Easy navigation

Jump forward, go back or skip steps

Everyone at a glance

See all students in the lesson

Stay ahead of the schedule

Make notes to stay on top of lesson plans

One-touch muting

Mute students one at a time or all at once when needed

A variety of features

Waiting area

A discussion zone to talk about the lesson and see areas in the hangar

Immersive cues

All sessions come with haptic, audio and visual feedback for truly immersive learning

VR-only scenes and animations

Cross-sections and animations enable immersive learning that can’t be experienced in reality

Coming soon...

Self-guided lessons • Avatars • Session recording • Virtual AI assistant

How can VATA help your business?

Traditional training is time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes ineffective. VATA offers tailored sessions, with practice lessons and scenarios that can be simulated safely.


Retention and engagement is higher with virtual learning, compared to traditional training

Immersive, realistic, safe

Users are immersed in an aircraft environment that looks like what they’ll see in reality


Expensive equipment can be safely practised on, and inexperienced users protected from danger

Bespoke content tailored to your needs

When it comes to your educational and business needs, whether technical or aesthetic, what you see and what you do is fully flexible.


We take the time to fully understand your needs, then create a strategy using immersive solutions


Train any role

Whatever the technical expertise on the hangar, VATA can be flexed to your business training needs


Branded for you

Your aircraft, your logos - we can create an environment that perfectly reflects your brand, for a seamless training experience

wireframe of some airplanes

Aviation consulting from the experts

Realistic environments come from working closely with experts in the industry.

Our specialised service analyses your needs for targeted XR solutions that increase efficiency and power business growth.

We bring immersive consulting experience and expertise to guide your immersive strategy and execute your vision, offering tailored advice on strategy, content creation, implementation, and user experience design.

Name of the expert
Sr. Aviation Consultant
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Use cases in immersive aviation training

Realistic simulations

Create realistic simulations of complex maintenance and repair procedures, to help users gain direct experience in a safe and controlled environment

Interactive training

Users can manipulate objects and equipment, perform procedures, and interact with virtual instructors. This helps with effective learning and information retention

Remote training / maintenance

VR can allow for remote training, where trainees can access training modules from any location, reducing the need for travel and physical classroom space

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